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Why a simple website is the key indicator of a great website!

An Insight by VDepict

Our own bias

It is very natural to feel that our own website is amazing. There are so many reasons for that bias. Maybe we did it ourselves, worked on it with an expert, or at the least gave some sort of input. It ultimately represents our business, some ideas, or something that we are truly passionate about. But how great is it, really from an effectiveness perspective? Can we measure it? Maybe, maybe not. Let us explore.

To make things easier for you we have prepared a list of top few reasons why simple websites are better. We have written this insight as a checklist of sorts to ensure your website is as simple as it can be and help you understand some of the benefits of keeping it simple.

Are you ready to keep your bias aside and revisit your website from a fresh perspective? Then here’s what we believe you will need to know.

Communicate Easily

Why do we primarily build websites? Is it for our satisfaction or for our visitors – the prospective buyers? We believe websites are there to be understood by visitors and search engines alike. If we try and do some research in understanding how the human brain works, people can find it mentally painful to think about complex elements. Therefore, complex websites can make it unnecessarily and sometimes quite literally painful for your visitors who might end up shutting off and hitting that ‘esc’ or close button till they are safely back to the search engine results page and click on the next link. By this time you have already lost thousands of prospective buyers.

A small tip – build a user persona if possible to understand your visitors and design your website for them.

Easily Adjustable and Versatile

Simple websites are versatile and can easily adapt to new landing pages, marketing campaigns, or marketing collateral. They offer a better real estate for you to build cohesive variations whilst keeping the whole user experience clear and consistent. This is of utmost importance. When your visitors click on something and end up at a totally different-looking page their alarm bells start to go off and that’s where they drop.

A small tip – invest in a design system if you are a product company. If not then at the very least you must put a style or brand guide together to keep the colors and typography consistent.

Helps build trust and credibility

If you look at all major companies, they have taken painful steps to streamline and simplify their design to ensure the visitors just focus on achieving their goals. It has now become the norm for companies to have simple websites and design. Think of how more credible a company seems when they use a legible font instead of Chalkboard font. If you have watched the movie TOY STORY, think how the font they chose for the title embodies everything the movie is – the same will happen with the fonts and design you chose. Are you a company one wants to do business with or just have fun with.

A small tip – Similar to the one before invest in a design system if you are a product company. If not then at the very least you must put a style or brand guide together to keep the colors and typography consistent. In addition it also helps you build a tone.

Professional Approach

As organizations grow, they tend to simplify the language they use; from logo design to their websites and user interface components. This shows maturity and professionalism as the company takes on more responsibilities which is conveyed in the simplest way they do things. What this ultimately shows is professionalism and everyone prefers dealing with a professional over an amateur any day of the week.

A small tip – Try and understand current websites trends in your business domain and adjust your website accordingly.

So where you do you see yourself going from here? Will you ride the wave and just hope to survive with all those amazing websites or customize yours that will help your gain more visitors and thus more buyers. Do you seem to need help in simplifying your website or product? Even if you have a rough idea in mind we can help you bring it to life and give your customers that memorable digital experience.

We sincerely hope that our post has pushed you to walk that extra mile and create a sustainable future for your business. We would be eager to hear your feedback about our thoughts. All you need is Facebook to share your comments below 👇. Excited to hear from you.

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