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Whatever your digital dream or vision of going online, as VDepict we are confident of bringing it together. We would be stoked to prove that for you and we’d love to help bring your vision to life. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you go digital.

Too simple? Use our detailed website planner.

If our basic form was too short for you to describe your needs, feel free to use our detailed site planner. It is an exceptional form that helps you tackle your most complex  thought challenges and accelerate website design decisions to achieve results almost instantly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should an app design cost?

The cost of your app design depends on a few things. Some of the factors include what your app needs. For e.g is it being built from scratch, are you adding features to an existing app or are you rebuilding your entire app? Or what platform would you need the design – Figma, Sketch or maybe just a PDF document? These are all important variables that go into determining just how much your app design will cost. So it’s difficult to put an exact price on how much a app design will cost.

However – a ballpark range for how much an app design will cost you is anywhere from $2,000 and beyond depending on level of customization, length of project, etc.

How long will my app design take to create

Creating the perfect app design for your business includes a lot of steps. VDepict will first have to understand in detail, your goals and visions for your app. We then do our research, build some mockups, revise them, build out and develop the prototype, and of course make final modifications.

With all these steps included, most apps take at least 10 to 12 weeks from start to finish. However, time may be longer or shorter depending on your goals, your flexibility, and other variables.

Do I need a website if i already have a brochure?

Traditionally a paper brochure was handed out at trade shows, to street passersby or busy building entrances to prospects. When the Internet came into play, this same brochure was turned it into a beautiful website. So think of it as a brochure that is easily accessible with just a web link. Anytime anywhere and anytime. A well designed website is over and beyond your brochure and we will say it over and over again – you will need a website and you will need to keep it updated from time to time.

What makes VDepict different?

We have a simple mantra. VDepict can only succeed if you succeed. The entire VDepict team are passionate about design and invest all of their free time researching about design and product design trends. Every new project is like a new challenge and we put our heart and sole into ensuring you are satisfied. We might be the experts but we can only grow with constructive criticism and will always respect your opinions. Lastly we do not believe in cutting corners. We will walk that extra mile with you to hep you succeed.

Why is good design that important?

According to this article by Adobe even way back in 2015, did you know that with if average people had just 15 minutes to consume content, 66% would prefer to view something beautifully designed vs simple and plain or even worse confusing with too much content. Your website’s design is an important part of your online presence. To build a better website for your business, you must understand the importance of engaging your users.

How does VDepict build a website?

For most projects, we follow a simple process that starts of with an initial brief with you. The VDepict team starts with their own research about the business, company and overall messaging. It is then followed up with initial low fidelity wireframes with user journeys. Once approved by our design team hi fidelity prototypes are built. Eventually this prototype is handed over to the developers to build the website as per the design. Once ready it is tested it at our end before it is handed over to you for User Acceptance Test. Post which we eventually launch the website. All of which is done keeping you informed. 

Can you help me build an app design ground up?

Sure. We take pride in working with startups and help them get clarity with their idea and their messaging. Right from identifying a name for the application, buying a hosting plan, an initial logo to the design and typography and eventually the final website we help you all the way. We can also help you setup your email marketing process. 


Absolutely we can. We are trained to deliver solutions to your problems within a matter of a few days using VDepict Dew. It is a workshop format that basically delivers a user tested high fidelity prototypes within a matter of a week. We are always excited to solve problems.